Little landscape About exhibition "Landscape in process" Galerie B-312 (Montreal)

In exhibiting Pierre Clemens and Manuela Lalic, Galerie B-312 managed to produce an exhibit that re-interprets the landscape genre, just in time for summer.
Lalic's installation "D├ęgueulis rafraichissant", consisting of a table, some grayish blobs of dubious origin, styrofoam cups and a whole lot of plastic tablecloth, looks like a picnic gone awry. What it lacks in terms of concept and execution, it makes up for in fun.

Pierre Clemens' series of drawing, Landscape in Process, are brilliant little things (each one is about six inches square) that use their scale to capture the viewer's attention; the surfaces of the abstract ink washes are sensuous, intimate, understated and beautiful. From the title, we can infer that these are extreme close-ups of rocks and twigs, but Clemens never makes this clear. Instead we are left gaze at his landscape in wonder and awe.

Sholem Krishtalka.

At Galerie B-312, 372 Ste-Catherine W., #403, until June 10.