Argos Information Days 2000

Une minute d’artiste by TELENICC.
Video | 00:48:00. Compilation.

The rising trend to use audio-visual techniques in contemporary art inspired NICC Television. This alternative TV station wants to create a stage to artists before a wider audience by snatching airtime in the existing media landscape.

The first project, TELENICC 1, assigned the artists to make one-minute works. These were sampled in between existing shows on the TV stations. NICC television purposes to acquire a certain regularity in the broadcasting of this new art form.

With : Jacqueline Mesmaeker (2x1’), Berend Hoekstra (1’), Emilio Lopez Menchero (1’), Filip Francis (1’), Laone Dos Santos Lopes (1’), Laurent Point (1’), Patrick Guns (2x1’), Anna Krimerman (1’), Michal Gilboa (1’), Michael Dans (1’), Gwendoline Robin (1’), Lieve D’hondt (1’), Jonas Wille (1’), Bruno Wajskop (1’), Jacques Lizène (1’), Guido’Lu (1’), Tamara Laï (1’), Carina Gosselé (1’), Delia Duna (1’), Leónidas Martín (1’), Wendelien van Oldenborgh (1’), Pierre Clemens (1’), Guillaume Bijl (1’), Sophie Whettnall (1’), Michal Bentovim (1’), Ariel Yannay (1’), Lennaart van Oldenborgh (1’), Delphine Charrueau (1’), Koen Theys (1’), Dimitri Van Grunderbeek (1’), Claudia Radulescu (1’), Peter Lagast (1’), Maria Blondeel (1’), Maria-Julia Bollansée (1’), Peter Schoutsen (1’), Dominique Van de Vorst (1’), Philippe Tonnard (1’), Ben Dierckx (3x1’), Cyril Verrier (2x1’), Marco Poloni (1’), Frédéric Tolmatcheff (1’), Mikael Crest (1’), Jean Lucien Guillaume (1’)